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          he expertise that we bring to the care of a lady’s hair and face is extended to services that care for her body as well.

          We custom blend skin moisturizers and sunblocks to hydrate and help protect your skin from environmental damage. By regulating you individual formulas throughout the year, we can assist you in maintaining healthy looking, beautiful skin no matter what the season.

          Swedish massage is incorporated within many of our services.  For example, a Deep Pore Cleansing Facial includes a relaxing neck, shoulder, upper back, full arm and hand massage. A Spa Pedicure contains a soothing massage for the lower legs and feet.  A Spa Manicure includes massaging the lower arms, hands, and fingers.  All of these services are performed while the client reclines in a “Sharper Image Get-a-Way Chair” that provides roller and pulse massage for the back and legs.

          A Full Body Scrub is available for all over exfoliation.   This process goes far beyond normal cleansing leaving skin polished and supple.   Combined with massage,  this is a facial for the entire body from the shoulders to the toes.

          We offer luxurious Spa Manicures and Pedicures providing "facial care" for your hands and feet. These all inclusive services provide care for cuticles, nail beds, palms, and soles using special emollients and moisturizers with heated mitts and warm soothing paraffin dips for optimum results.

          Gentle hair waxing services are offered for the removal of unwanted hair. This process eliminates razor burn and regrowth rashes from shaving and depilatory creams used in sensitive areas.  Available for eyebrows,  upper lip,  chin,  face,  chest,  arms,  underarms,  and bikini area.


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