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          air care is one luxury ladies will allow themselves above all others.   Unfortunately, the current salon experience can be, at best, a tedious proposition.   Establishments that are jarring to the senses, lacking in privacy, unprofessional in performance, and that leave a client with unfavorable results are more common than not.  

          To this end, we endeavor to create a beauty experience where a lady may relax and enjoy her stay with us.   Surrounded by lovely antiques, in the privacy of her own reserved room filled with soothing music, being served delicious beverages, a client relaxes confident in the knowledge that her hair is cared for by experienced hands.  

          It all begins with a complimentary consultation that allows you to find out more about our services.   Before and after video examples of our work are shown with results that are sure to impress you and instill confidence in our abilities.   Many types of dramatic damage corrections, color changes, innovative and classic styles, and specialized treatments we have developed will be shown.   This is a time to answer any questions you may have and to make recommendations as to the future care that we can provide.  

          Visits are scheduled by appointment and we see only a certain number of clients daily thereby maintaining our peaceful atmosphere and individuality of service.  

          Our goal is to create healthful, natural looking hair that shines with results that are lovely to see and a joy to possess.   Hair that you may think is impossible to repair or if you seem to never gain the length you desire or if you are tired of always looking the same and wish for a positive change, we address these concerns and more.  

          We pride ourselves in the long term consistency of our work and the creation of maintainable healthy hair.   As always, a satisfied client is our best recommendation.  

          Brow lightening, to compliment hair color, and bang trims are free of charge to all current patrons.   This courtesy is available at any appointed time during our day and may be used as often as needed.  

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Permanent Translucent Color
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These are some examples of the incredible results we can achieve for our clients.   Individual consultations are complimentary. If you think your hair is beyond help, please inquire.
The solution to your problem may be easier than you think.  


PROBLEM:  Over-lapped and over-processed high lift blond hair color   Extensive split-ends and breakage.   General overall dry, brittle appearance.  
SOLUTION:  Color Correction/Color Change/Cuticle Restructuring /Protein Pigmented Treatment.   Same day result.  


PROBLEM:  Client believed she could not grow her hair out.  
SOLUTION:  Proper care and growing out layers to achieve length while maintaining permanent translucent color and gradually lightening overall appearance.   Time elapsed:   3 years.  


PROBLEM:  Three over-lapping permanents.   Breakage and hair loss.  
SOLUTION:  Perm relax, cuticle restructuring, translucent color, and protein pigmented treatment.   Same day result.  


PROBLEM:  Client requested body wave and received curly orange hair.  
SOLUTION:  Perm relax and protein pigmented treatment.   Same day result,   
elapsed time: 45 minutes.  


PROBLEM:  Antiquated frosting technique in graying hair over-lapped many times.  
SOLUTION:  Color Correction/Color Change/Protein Pigmented Treatment.   Same day result.  

          We custom blend and formulate all color treatments and hair care products for each individual.   Therefore, we can achieve what a mass-market product cannot possibly do.   Everything we offer promotes healthy, natural looking, beautiful hair that is easy to maintain.   A disaster need not bring you to our door; contact us soon to see what we can do for you.  

We off the finest quality hand tied custom made hairpieces and wigs available. Personally fitted, cut and colored to match, these pieces are texture and body or curl matched, cutically correct, light weight, and hand made. Whether you have coronal thinning, alopecia, undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments, burn injuries, or cranial surgery, we customize everything we do to improve your personal situation. We only use the finest quality 100% human hair individually hand tied under a microscope to a custom form made just for you.

We offer a special service for chemotherapy and radiation patients where we duplicate your hair before treatment begins so that during the treatment process no one will ever know that you have lost your hair. This is particularly helpful when your hair grows back in as the texture changes and will not be suitable for a period of time. Your wig is durable and maintainable through this entire process so the transition back to you own hair is effortless.

Consultations are free of charge and there's never a contract for our services. We also maintain what we do with an emphasis on quality, durability, and style.


These are photos of an actual client with coronal thinning. Note the small, lightweight hairpiece and what a big difference it makes in the last photo.


Highest quality human hair extensions, tape attached. They are color matched and notice the overall volume and thickness at the bottom of the hair when incorporated within her own hair.


Light blonde human hair chemotherapy wig, expert blunt cut. Notice the high quality healthy condition of this hair.



Dark Brunette custom hair piece, very long and ultra light weight. Notice the small size of this hairpiece and the large volume of hair that is incorporated. This is an example of a hair piece made specifically for coronal thinning on the top of the head.


A lovely example of a naturally styled Brunette Chemotherapy Wig. Notice the natural luster and high quality of the hair.


Wavy Auburn Chemotherapy Wig. Note the subtle highlight and natural quality of this wig


This is an example of the inside construction of our hairpieces and wigs. Look at the translucent nature of the base which is lightweight, breathable, and durable. See how the hairs are tied off individually, not in groups or rows, which allows for natural movement and a “part anywhere” quality. The last photo is of a typical wig with lace and rows that show lines in the wind, limits styling, and adds to a “wiggy look”