Billie OíNeel

Make Up Artist
Spa Manager
Gift Certificate/Bridal

Dave OíNeel

Master Color Specialist
Hair Replacement Specialist

          f  The OíNeel Clinic Day Spa is new to you, itís probably because we are a well kept secret.   A secret kept by ladies who appreciate privacy, elegance, and consistency of unparalleled service--once described by a client as, ďA little jewel!  Every city has one, you just have to find it.Ē

           We  welcome  you  to  come  and  relax  for  an  hour  or a  day.   You  will  be  greeted  with  an  easy  smile,  surrounded  by  lovely  Victorian  antiques,  serenaded  with  beautiful  music, and treated by skillful hands.

          Dave OíNeel holds degrees in Cosmetology, Aesthetic Skin Care, and Hair Replacement Specialist and has over three decades of experience.   European and domestic training from Athens, New York, and Beverly Hills with a lineage that dates in Arkansas from the 1930ís; C.J. DeBusk, Dave OíNeelís grandfather, pioneered Cosmetology in our state with many innovations still in use today.

          Billie OíNeel is a Make Up Artist with theatrical training.   A former figure skater with Ice Follies and Holiday on Ice, her 30 plus years of artistry has been seen on national and local television, in numerous theatrical productions, and in local and regional publications.

          Together, their skills combine to create a unique menu of services designed to enhance beauty and promote relaxation.   Consultations are always complimentary.   Our environment is smoke free, with private reserved rooms for all services.


Complimentary beverage service accompanies each visit with a delightful selection of herbal teas, flavored coffees, mineral water, and seasonal favorites.   Inspired by English High Tea, this treat has become our tradition as well.

We cordially invite ladies to experience our unique services. Schedule your complimentary consultation today and we will endeavor to exceed your expectations.

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