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Mini Facials

          he veneer that reflects a woman’s beautiful glow is her complexion.   Over the decades, changing perceptions of what makes a lady’s skin beautiful has influenced it’s care.   From a “bit of arsenic” over a century ago to create the fashionable blue white complexion so desirable at the time, through the sun worship of last century’s mid-decades to create the bronzed “on vacation” look, to the recent awareness of what a harsh environment and lack of proper care can do to prematurely age, wrinkle, and damage the skin; what is considered “a beautiful complexion” has changed greatly.

          Caring for skin is now an individual proposition.   Your needs may differ greatly from others and to accommodate a variety of situations we offer individual solutions with customized services and custom blended skin care and make up products to suit your particular needs.

          A cleansing facial is part of that care.   This service provides results not achievable from skin care products alone.   Special equipment and techniques are used to gently exfoliate, steam, vacuum pores, and moisturize your skin, transforming it into a glowing reflection of beauty.   Our custom blended formulations are designed to maintain the glow over a period of time thereby extending your same day visible results.   Products are water based, easy to use, and samples are complimentary.   Individual formulations are also adjustable depending on seasonal changes or traveling requirements and give great satisfaction.

          If you have clogged pores, rough dry skin, or special sensitivity, our skin care services are created to help you.   Every appointment includes a soothing shoulder, neck, arm, and hand massage.   The reclining chair you lie in gives a relaxing pulse and roller massage to your back and legs while calming music fills your secluded reserved room.

          The entire visit is designed to provide the highest quality of care for your complexion in a manner that is luxurious and pampering; we hope that you agree.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facials
Mini Facials
Blemish Extraction Facials
Anti-Bacterial Enzyme Peels
High Frequency Treatments
Exfoliating Buffing Peels
Collagen, Elastin, Vitamin A Treatments
Pore Minimizing Crystal Peels
Hydrating Gel Treatments
Four Day Liquid Peels
Back & Shoulder Treatments
Hydrating Vitamin Treatments

Pure Vitamin A
Epidermal Cleansing Concentrate
Epidermal Line Reducing Complex
Epidermal Spearmint Concentrate
Moisturizing Vitamin A Supplement
Epidermal Cleansing Fluid
Epidermal Recovery Fluid
Blemish Cleansing Fluid
Epidermal Hydrating Complex
Anti-Bacterial Treatment
Vitamin A Concentrate
Vitamin A Sun Block
Epidermal Body Moisturizer
Lip Hydrator

          Our products and services are designed to work in conjunction with one another.   These custom blended formulations maintain the results of your service for an extended period of time.   Skin care services offered by The O’Neel Clinic provide a result you cannot obtain from a jar.

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